March 15, 2020


The country was at a halt. No more gatherings of under 50 people. It was shocking, it was scary, it was sad. I was really looking forward to a great year with so many great couples that I’ve gotten to know so well.  Really looking forward to capturing their special wedding day that they’ve been planning for months (and years)!

After the initial few weeks, I wanted to be creative in a way that I can utilize some things around the house, and give back to so many of my clients who are being forced to postpone and alter their wedding plans. It breaks my heart to see so many of us effected by COVID-19, and I really hope for a future of normalcy.

These candles were handmade from cocunut wax and essential oils. I recycled some honey and olive jars and ordered wicks. Snail mailed these to the many weddings that have been cancelled. No matter what happens, I want to re-assure these amazing people who are so in love that “love” does not have to be cancelled.